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URS International – Strategy, Branding Platforms and Business Research

URS business research practice specializes in providing a full suite of qualitative and quantitative market research, business advisory and consulting services. This practice boasts of some of the largest corporate houses, leading consulting firms and Government agencies, and we derive a significant portion of business through our research-based IPRs. A global business model, language expertise and highly motivated researchers, with deep domain expertise allow us the capability of execution of projects ranging from simple company profiles to complex strategic market entry projects. Our research capabilities supported by flexible engagement models allow us to nurture relationships with clients which may be from entry level to brand enhancement platforms.

The approach of URS is to arrive at a solution which is a blend of both Primary as well as Secondary researches. We have subscriptions to as well as experience of working on various proprietary and public databases. Through primary research, we assist clients across B2B and B2C surveys (online and face-to-face), Focus Group Discussions and Expert Interviews.

A. The Concept: The World’s Greatest Brands & Leaders – Asia & GCC

Brands & Leaders Summit: The World’s Greatest Brands & Leaders 2015 took place on December 11 & 12, 2015, and the venue was Dubai, UAE. The mega event was a two-day Summit and proved to be the grandest brand festival involving Asian & GCC Brands in a celebration of Asia & GCC. The selected brands and leaders were felicitated and awarded at the Brands & Leaders Summit.

The World’s Greatest Brands and Leaders is a multi-platform and cross-cultural brand credibility, globally involving the brands and leaders from various Asian and Gulf countries through brand projects in print, digital and electronic media. The World’s Greatest Brands and Leaders – Asia & GCC was held as the ‘Celebrating 44, India-UAE a Success Story Summit’ in Dubai.

The project focuses on brands and leaders from the most promising nations of Asia & GCC in terms of business. These promising countries include Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, China and Bahrain. A total of 120 brands were featured across 16 industry categories and 62 sub-categories.

The World’s Greatest Brands & Leaders Summit – Asia & GCC 2015 Dubai

The World’s Greatest Leaders – Asia & GCC 2015

The World’s Greatest Leaders Award is a platform to honour the excellence and exemplary achievements of Asians & Arabs who are true pioneers and leaders in their professional spaces. These awards are our humble initiative to acknowledge the leadership contributions of Asians, and consequently 101 Leaders were featured from the region in the ‘Celebrating 44, India-UAE a Success Story Summit’.

The World’s Greatest Brands – Asia & GCC 2015

The World’s Greatest Brands Award is a multi-platform and cross-cultural trust and loyalty benchmark project involving Asian & Arab corporations across industries from South East Asia, South Asia & GCC, which are evaluated on the basis of growth, quality of products, management’s long-term vision and strategies, innovativeness in responding to customer needs and demands, and financial stability. A total of 120 Brands were featured in the ‘Celebrating 44, India-UAE a Success Story Summit’.

B. The Concept: The Most Superior Product – Brand & Leader Book Feature, Logo and Text Rights, Online Linkage, TV Broadcast


A multi-platform brand project globally, ‘The World’s Greatest Brands & Leaders’ has featured the selected brands and leaders in an exquisite coffee table book designed by the most experienced designers and written by the most knowledgeable authors across Asia & GCC.


The World’s Greatest Brands & Leaders – Asia & GCC 2015 has featured every selected brand and leader on www.theworldsgreatestbrands.com with constant editorial updates of the brands. This ensures maximum mileage and coverage for the selected brands.


The World’s Greatest Brands & Leaders – Asia and GCC 2015 has also shot a 2-minute feature on the selected brands, showcasing attributes and values of the brand for which it has been selected, and a 30-minute show is broadcast on leading Business News Channels within five weeks of the event.